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Why Social Movements Matter (London)

  • Libreria 65 Hanbury Street London, England, E1 5JP United Kingdom (map)

Social movements and popular struggle are a central part of today’s world, but often neglected or misunderstood by both the media and experts in other fields. All too many official voices want to explain massive and conflictual social change by anything other than large-scale and sustained popular mobilisation from the ground up. Social movements, it seems, are hard to think about seriously while explanations couched in terms of top-down institutions, hidden economic or genetic hands, great-men and just-so histories are easy to grasp and repeat. Yet, in an age when struggles over climate change, women’s rights, austerity politics, racism, warfare and surveillance are central to the future of our societies, we urgently need to understand social movements. 

To face this issue head on, we invite you to join us at Libreria on 18th October for an evening of discussion with Laurence Cox, one of Europe’s leading social movement researchers, lifetime activist of various ecological, human rights and community movements, and author of new book, Why Social Movements Matter. Laurence will be joined by political sociologist, Ana C. Dinerstein, who has interdisciplinary expertise in work, social movement, utopia, Critical, Marxist, Decolonial theories, social reproduction Feminism, global political economy and the politics of policy in Latin America